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Lynne Ingram is a Master Beekeeper, producing quality honey and related products from various hives dotted around Somerset

We work at various different apiaries dotted around the Somerset countryside.

Lynne, has been keeping bees at Wesley Cottage for 40 years, but began developing new apiaries so that she could keep up with the demand for her honey and other products. Each apiary has different flowers and trees surrounding it, allowing the bees to gather a range of nectars and pollens that give honey its distinctive colour and flavour. The bees in our traditional orchard apiaries work hard on the beautiful spring blossom of the apple trees and produce a light and fresh honey. Later in the year the bees will gather nectar from the brambles and hedgerows that surround the orchards. This summer honey is darker and richer.


The bees in our farm apiaries, work on beans, spring rape and the fields of flowers like phacelia that are grown as crops to be ploughed back into the earth. Although we think we know what flowers the bees are working on, recent DNA analysis of some of our honey showed 40 different pollens in one sample! That's impressive work from the bees.

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