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Hand crafted in Somerset from pure beeswax created by our bees. Beeswax candles burn slowly, and with a clear bright light. Burning a beeswax candle in your home, not only fills it with a golden light, but also with a sweet warming honey aroma. These candles do not have added perfume as they are naturally scented. Burning beeswax candles can help purify the air by releasing negative ions. ALL CANDLES COME WRAPPED IN TISSUE, THEY DO NOT COME IN BOXES. PLEASE PURCHASE OUR GIFT BOXES SEPERATELY, THANK YOU. DO NOT LEAVE BURNING CANDLES UNATTENDED. PLACE YOUR CANDLE IN A SUITABLE FLAME PROOF HOLDER. PRICES ARE FOR ONE CANDLE ONLY AS THEY ARE SOLD INDIVIDUALLY. IMAGES THAT SHOW TWO CANDLES ARE FOR VISUAL PURPOSES ONLY.  We have a selection of candle shapes and sizes available to buy:Beeswax block - £2.00Small skep - £3.00Honey bear - £3.00Thatched skep - £3.50Small Pine cone - £4.00Large Pine cone - £8.00Carved Egg - £7.00Rose - £9.00Bee spiral Pillar – £8.00Twisted Pillar - £7.50Christmas Tree Candles - £3.50/£5/£7.50 (available at Christmas)Pair 20cm taper - £8.00Pair 20cm spiral taper - £8.00Spiral birthday candles (x10) - £11

100% Pure Beeswax Candles £2-11

  • Please see our returns policy for more details.

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