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Bee The Change!

The Bumblebee Conversation Trust want to help you Bee the Change in your local area. Making simple, quick micro-actions can make all the difference to a more bumblebee-friendly area. It doesn’t matter where you live, if you have a garden, a flower pot – or no outdoor space at all, you can Bee the change wherever you live!

What do bumblebees do?

Bumblebees pollinate our crops and wildflowers.

What does that do?

Thanks to their ‘free-bee’ service, more wildflowers can grow and we can enjoy delicious foods like tomatoes and blueberries.

Why are bumblebees in danger?

Over the past century we’ve lost millions of the flowers they need to survive.

How can we help?

We can feed our local bumblebees by providing more flowers in our towns, cities, and countryside.

Throughout 2021, the Bumblebee Conservation Trust will bring you FREE resources and how-to guides to help you spot your local bumblebees, grow bee-friendly plants, and spread the word in your community. Simply choose the action that’s right for you and get started!

If we all do just one thing - together we can get these little superheroes buzzing again.

Show bumblebees some by pledging to Bee the Change, and don’t forget to tell your friends, get the children involved and get active on social media. We’ve pledged to plant more bee friendly flowers this year too. Use #BeeTheChange in your social posts.

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