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No added sugar in our honey!

Honey is just honey right? Made from honeybees….

It is ‘common’ knowledge that much of the honey bought from a supermarket comes from a mix of different origins and is therefore a blend. However what has recently come to light is that some of the leading supermarkets may be selling honey that has manufactured sugars added!

Buying local honey like ours, harvested by a Master beekeeper, will ensure you have honey in its purest form - definitely no added sugars here! Our honey is naturally sweet and because of where it comes from and there not being any additions or processing involved, you may also get lots of health benefits associated with honey. It has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties due to its high viscosity, and low water content provides a protective barrier. In addition to this, the mild acidity and hydrogen peroxide content has antimicrobial effects.

Natural products are becoming increasingly popular in people’s approaches to their own health and medical treatments. According to the WHO, 80% of the population in some developed countries have used natural products in their primary health care.

We thought we’d post the article below for a little more insight into added sugars in honeys. Whilst the supermarkets are denying selling honeys with added sugars, we thought we’d use this article to highlight that OUR honey is as pure as the bees that make it! No need for added sugars here - just added LOVE.

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